VR (Virtual Reality) tours are now available along with the 3D model for a small extra charge of $TBD*

VR tours are used with the Gear VR headset or Google Cardboard for viewing.  

VR tour links currently work with the following devices only:  
Galaxy S6 
Galaxy S6 Edge
Galaxy note 5
Galaxy S7
Galacy S 7 Edge
Works with Apple iPhone 6s Plus, 6 Plus, or 7 Plus   Minimum: iPhone 5s or newer

Basic installation instructions for viewing VR Tours with the Gear VR headset:
Install the Matterport VR (cardboard) from the APP store
Click on the VR icon in model or the VR link that was sent by email with your Android phone.  
The screen will say install phone into Gear VR headset.  Place phone in headset, then view and adjust focus.
You will see a photo of the model in the Gear VR Headset.  Point the viewing cursor to the middle hexagon, it will then change from yellow to green which starts loading the program.  Once the download installation is finished, you should be able to explore the house in Virtual Reality.
Enjoy touring the house by following the blue colored circle locations.  Match the lightly colored circle in the viewing screen to the solid blue circle, it will then turn yellow which moves you to the next location.
At anytime, just look down towards floor to exit the program.
To share with others, just email the VR link to those interested in seeing the house in Virtual Reality.  

*VR tour format is computer generated and has no guarantee with the quality or outcome.  

Follow all safety guidelines of the Gear VR headset before use.

Currently the VR is free with the model.  Price TBD if Matterport decides to charge for this as an add on service feature.