Link to the Test page to see if your computer or device is compatible with the 3D model.

Basic Staging tips for a successful 3D model 

  • Tidy up the home.  Identify any items that the owner does not want the public to see and put them away.
  • Turn off ceiling fans or any other fixtures that have movement.  
  • If possible, close blinds, drapes, curtains, shades to keep direct sunlight out.  Direct sunlight can have an affect on quality of model.  If the windows have no covering available, we will try to schedule a time that the sun does not interfere with the photography.
  • Turn on all the room lights for best visual presentation of home.  
  • Interior doors to all rooms should be opened completely and left alone during the scanning process.  
  • Keep smaller closets or pantry doors closed to areas or spaces that you can't walk around in.
  • If the home has bathtub enclosure(s) with shower curtains, it is best to keep the curtains at least 3/4 of the way open. 
  • People and pets need to be hidden during the 3D scanning.  We will be happy to work around the owners and their pets by placing them in rooms that have been scanned and completed.
  • If the home has no electricity, we can photograph with success by opening up some windows for natural lighting.  

Following some of these tips will help ensure a successful 3D model presentation of your home.