3D camera service has been discontinued due to the lack of interest in the real estate market.

I wrapped up the service recently after having too many non paying customers and a bounced check.  Too much hassle for the amount of headache and time it takes to produce the 3D model. 

My opinion on the 3D camera after 2 1/2 years of use....

Part time business at best... Lucky to get a realtor to even pay $125 for a scan of a home (that's hopefully if you get paid and the check does not bounce)......    word of advice...don't go buying into a camera system unless you need to throw away over $5,600+ on a tax loss write-off. 

Most scanning jobs take well over two hours for a 2500 sq ft home and usually average 3-4 hours for 3000-3500+ sq ft home... larger 6500+ sq ft houses will take 5+ hours...  Most realtors and their clients don't even have the patience to wait one hour for you to complete the work.

My recommendation if you were thinking about buying a camera system... save your money and invest it in the stock market...  you will end up with better results.